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farm life

farm life

Setting up the permaculture based farm in the heart of Tamil Nadu in India.

Interested in growing your own food, cooking from scratch and setting up your own garden? This section is for you!

self reliant life

self reliant life

Back to the roots, nature and land movement.

We would love to empower you here to make ecological and self reliant choices and develop your own solutions to challenges, whenever you live!

Indian life

Indian life

Polish girl married to Tamilian - balancing between two cultures.

Living together in bicultural family brings challenges - see how we cope with them!

Hi, I'm Renata!

My Polish heart led me thousands kilometers away from Europe. I took leap of faith to settle down in Indian village to live a simple life close to nature. I share a story of a city born couple who quit corporate world to build a self sustainable permaculture farm in a beautiful land of Tamil Nadu. And I created No problem in India to showcase that anyone can live a life filled with nature, whenever you are in the world.

So whether you're interested in growing your own food, using old fashioned skills, or living a simple and happy life, you're in the right place!

How do we live





Unseen beauty of the Indian village

Where farm starts, our life starts. It’s not always glamorous or clean, but at least life here on the farm is busy, entertaining and beautiful. Follow along with our dreams and confessions about self sustainable life.

This is a story of a Polish-Indian couple who decides to quit their corporate jobs, leave crowded Indian city life and move to not-so-complicated countryside lifestyle.

Our mission

To live more sustainable, self reliant and harmonious life through back to the roots - nature-based skills to make life simple, healthy, happy and meaningful.

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