5 Indian habits that will help you to kick off your Eco life.

indian eco haits

Being green is contagious. Once you start with one thing then you keep on spreading it to other things. And that improves your life tremendously. Enjoy reading these very simple-every day Indian habits that will help you to kick off your Eco life straight away. No pressure, no tension, no stress. Just easy to adapt rituals.

Being green is not black and white. It’s about making the best choices whenever we can.

Let’s be very honest. If you stay in India, sometimes it’s difficult to implement or adopt ecological or Eco-friendly solutions that you already know, especially in the beginning. Never ending noise, huge pollution, garbage on the streets, messy public places. This is what we meet here daily and that can give us easily a headache. Sometimes Indian chaos makes you feel relatively invisible and small, and you really do not know where to start. Do not panic! Trust me, we really cannot fight very old and deep-rooted cultural habits of 1.311 billion people population, but we can promote best practices we know locally and set the example to follow. Let’s act smart!

And start small. Small challenges add up to great change.

Start with one habit. Once you settle and realize how the Indian reality, like i.e. shopping looks like – adjust and improve what can be improved. Like taking your own reusable bag with you on going for shopping. Then change bathing habit to taking shower, and then using the Indian style bucket filled with water.

Green living is a process. If you can’t do everything to be green all at once, it’s ok, nobody can. Some things take time; just do not be too demanding for yourself. Living green is easy when you know what to do.

What are the Indian eco habits that are right at your fingertips?
  • Go veggie one day per week

Reading about India, coming to India or simply – living in India, you should be aware of huge potential of vegetarians in this country. This paradise for non-meat eaters will help you to discover plant based dished as nutritious as the ones including your favorite chicken. Try one full veg day as Indian cuisine has plenty to offer.

indian eco habits
  • Choose natural personal care products and cosmetics or make them yourself

Never have I expected coconut oil to have so many usages. Or turmeric powder, or cumin, pepper, cinnamon, flax seeds. Discovering it is fascinating and introduces us to use many cooking ingredients to natural cosmetics. All available at your kitchen shelf!

  • Remove your shoes

In Indian houses, we walk barefoot. It is not only a pleasant custom but also prevents from tracking a host of unwanted things like pesticides, mud or other outside dirt. For me it took around 1 year to adjust with this habit but now I find it relaxing, unless I step on any Lego block 🙂

  • Ditch toilet paper

Most if you must be aware of the fact Indians do not use toilet paper. They clean their bottoms with their left hand and water. Sounds disguisting? Well, it seems to me nothing more than saving millions of toilet paper rolls. Think if you can contribute to the environment like this too?

  • Be wise with laundry

This point is not to encourage anyone to shift completely to wash clothes in hands. As you might – or not – be aware that Indian women (especially older generation) didn’t have washing machines at homes. They do the laundry hitting the dress that is being washed against a stone/ground. I never tried but my Indian relatives claim it works magic. However, if you are not ready for old time’s practices – just one advice from me 🙂 wash full loads to get the most out of water and energy use.

indian eco habits

Isn’t is simple? Start small, pick one habit and once you are comfortable with it – choose next one, and next one… Is there anything else you might add to this list? Which Indian Eco habits suits you best? Spread the good ones.