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Polish girl married to a Tamilian.
Intercultural day to day adventures

Indian passport

How to get an Indian passport for a minor abroad? example of UK VFS

When you are lucky enough to be born in a country with birthright citizenship while your parents are of a different nationality than the...
OCI card replacement

OCI card replacement. Application in UK VFS

For almost anyone of foreign national who wants to enter India, it is required to have a valid passport along with a valid Indian...
from offshore to onsite

From offshore to onsite – corporate India vs corporate UK

2013-2019 was the time I was working full time in India and I was a typical corporate associate. Yup, I was a common "yes,...

Secret way of not going mad. My quite imperfect, happy and not that stressful...

There is no simple set of instructions that can guarantee happy and not that stressful expat life. We all get a push from family,...

Expat motherhood (in India or elsewhere). Hardest job you’ll ever have.

I am a happy, lucky triple mom. I have three children raised in the mix of three cultures, two countries, and two continents. For...

From zero (waste) to hero! Drowning into the story of waste crisis in India

I must confess something. Recently I got truly inspired by Life less throwaway book (Tara Button) and first chapter you can actually read/download here....

Impulse consumerism – digging deeper into mindless consumption.

(few words about money-shopping madness and uncontrollable or impulse consumerism) My spontaneous decision to travel to India in 2013 triggered a few obvious consequences. I...

Lows in expat life – things that change for ever when you live abroad

Have you ever been abroad, for a family vacation, business trip or individual travel and said to yourself: ‘I want to grow old here...

Domestic engineer – a couple of words about stay at home dad in India

I must admit our bi-cultural relationship, married life, and now settled family was never a proper Indian fairytale. We broke long-lasting generation to generation...
cycling in India

6 things I wish I’d known before I started cycling (in India)

It’s been already 3 years I truly began considering cycling as the very good option of traveling in India. Starting with short distances reaching...