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From city life to village life. Building a self-sustainable life in Indian countryside with lots of nature connection, organic farming and less toxic, less waste life.

Naturally! green thinking. My very own path to go less waste.

I like to engage in initiatives that go along with my values, beliefs, views or dreams. I honestly admit that if the idea takes...

Take your life to the next (plastic free) level today. Confessions on plastic flood.

As a lifelong sport enthusiast, almost as soon as I arrived to India in 2013, I joined Chennai Trekking Club, organisation which brings together...

Castor oil: natural beauty straight from your kitchen shelf.

Since I settled in India, my interest for healthy food, organic farming or natural - homemade cosmetics has grown tremendously. I am a big...
indian eco haits

5 Indian habits that will help you to kick off your Eco life.

Being green is contagious. Once you start with one thing then you keep on spreading it to other things. And that improves your life...