Hey! I am extremely happy you are here. My blog was created in April 2017 and thanks to it I am able to stay in touch with people like You! my readers and all other people who love India, dream to come here, have just landed on this extremely colorful subcontinent … or just want to get to know me and look at how expat life looks like.

I select any cooperation requests very strictly. I reserve the possibility of rejecting or not responding to cooperation proposals that do not have clearly defined goals that do not fit into the overall idea of the blog or whose values ​​conflict with my system of world perception. I believe in mutual understanding of needs and efforts, which turn plans or words into action and gives a reliable, long-term result.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this is not a dating portal – I am not responding to mails requesting for arranging a date or meeting with foreigners, nor answering for request of finding a foreign wife.

Whether you are going to contact me or send me a message – I want you to know that I am extremely happy having you as a reader of my blog. Thank you!


Renata Cieslak

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