3 … 2 … 1 … off we go!

Dear reader? Are you…
  • …an expatriate, living in India?
  • …an OCI holder?
  • …in relationship with an Indian?
  • …in an intercultural relationship?
  • …planning a long term stay in India?
  • …planning to move to India? for a job? volunteering? studies?
  • …a dependent who is staying with husband / wife who came to India for a contract?
  • …interested in ecology? slow food or slow life?

If anytime you answered YES – this is a place for you! Whatever brought you here, you will find here the information about Indian daily issues that we – immigrants might not be aware of before coming to this country for the first time, as well as topics about ecology and slow life.

The mission of the blog, or what one can find on noprobleminindia.com?

Noprobleminindia.com is a blog for people interested in India’s non-commercial issues, expat life, day-to-day intercultural family life, people who are against morning rush, fast pace, consumerism and rat race. The purpose of the blog is to show a simple, honest, genuine face of India. No beating about the bush. No India only from guide books with beautiful, fabulously colored pictures, but with its gray, dusty scenes, smell of burnt garbage and animal dung on the side. I do not wear sarees, I cycle to work and I eat a lot of rice.

The perspective of an emigrant, completely different from the tourist whirl of adventures, will bring spice to your life in details.

The main topics on noprobleminindia.com:
  • expat life in India
  • India’s everyday life
  • slow life, and in particular slow cooking
  • minimalism
  • sustainable development
Any questions?

I also encourage you to look at the CONTACT tab. If you would like, please email me at: contact@noprobleminindia.com.