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I am a happy, lucky triple mom. I have three children raised in the mix of three cultures, two countries, and two continents. For me personally, expat motherhood in India is extremely challenging and fulfilling at the same time. I too believe I can find many more women like...
I must confess something. Recently I got truly inspired by Life less throwaway book (Tara Button) and first chapter you can actually read/download here. Honestly, I got almost completely brainwashed towards environmental sustainability and believe me, such cold-water bucket poured on my head is definitely not to write now...
(few words about money-shopping madness and uncontrollable or impulse consumerism) My spontaneous decision to travel to India in 2013 triggered a few obvious consequences. I needed to say quick bye to my family and friends for an undefined time, I needed to settle all pending and open things in Poland...
Have you ever been abroad, for a family vacation, business trip or individual travel and said to yourself: ‘I want to grow old here someday’? Or ever read about a foreign culture and thought: ‘I want to live in a place like that’? Mobility today helps people around the...
I must admit our bi-cultural relationship, married life, and now settled family was never a proper Indian fairytale. We broke long-lasting generation to generation arrange marriage tradition in the family, we went through lots of talks behind our backs, “a good piece of advice” from relatives, bad words towards...
cycling in India
It’s been already 3 years I truly began considering cycling as the very good option of traveling in India. Starting with short distances reaching office daily to dreaming about 50, 80, 100 km or more! I was cycling in Chennai and now I do it on a daily basis...
Hi! My name is Renata and I have lived in India since 2013. Quit my corporate job, escaped from crowded city to live happily (ever after!) in the Indian countryside with my Polish-Indian family. Moderation, simplicity, minimalism, contact with nature and homemade food - those attributes describe me best. This space of mine is where I share stories of life, love and expat motherhood. Join me in this Indian adventure!



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