Slowing down level pro. Why did I decide to move to the Indian countryside?

Indian coutryside

Since the day I decided to move out of Europe and settle down in India, start a family and grow old with a man from a completely distant culture to the one I was raised in, it seemed that nothing more crazy could happen in my life. Or anything more that pushes me out of my comfort zone would blow my mind again. I remember a promise I made to myself that from now on it’s definitely the end of traveling, packing, moving house, changing address, looking for a new place. First gray hair confirmed that stability and routine should be something meant for me, that being in this steady long-distance run is hectic. However, despite all of it, I’m clueless. As I really do not quite know what to do with a constant and predictable, routine life – it may sound like a paradox, as I cannot find words to explain it rationally. So here I say: we are moving to the countryside! Not just any of many – THE Indian one, virgin, the one that you dream of to escape and take rest when the modern world annoys you too much.

Such kind of vision does not vanish easily, it drills your mind patiently like a drop drills a rock. And today, it’s almost there, any day from now on we will move to the countryside. I am happy, excited and scared at the same time. Disappointment, tiredness, isolation, expat loneliness – will this all happen to us? Will we get old there? Is it the place where I’d raise my children? Is this a good decision? Lots of adult unanswered questions I’m not able to handle now.

I feel all these doubts have a bit of truth in there. The decision itself to move on, to live in the countryside, especially from expat perspective, far from all the accessible things we surround ourselves easily, all the modern life benefits we were brought up, makes you set the question – where does our life go? In traffic jams, a daily race to be on time, between one promotion and another? I know well that many people live this way – in more or less conscious continuous life run. Can it be done for a longer period? Really people can get used to everything. Human beings tend to adjust to many things, but for me right now inner peace, our personal (family) space and time are the key factors that determine each decision.
Freedom from crowded Indian streets, smog and noisy transportation, somewhere between a tuk-tuk and a cow around the corner. Living in the countryside, far from what the fast-paced consumer lifestyle – sometimes with no electricity, no running water, without most of the things in which we city-born people were brought up. It is a comeback to the roots and idyllic life, where no one tells us what to eat, adjust with society’s expectations.

Indian coutryside
Indian coutryside
Indian coutryside

Define the dream

I got already used to the fact that you can’t – and you shouldn’t – get attached to things. And, that the change and time that flies are the only constants in our lives. So if I give up my city life now, is there anything I would miss?
– I am yet to discover it –

The decision to build something your own, leave a piece of yourself on this planet is exciting. I dream out loud about less stress life, happy children playing on the farm, learning and living life with a connection to nature. About happy go lucky outdoor fun. About us – wrinkled, smiling with gray hair and a little extra kilos around the waist. About life on our terms, life without an external push, slow life pace. About a bamboo house and a sandalwood forest. About rain during the monsoon, harvest and vegetables harvested from our garden.

Only this little and so much.

I’ve never been so close to a slow life concept. Never has a slow life been at my fingertips as it is now. No rush, just happiness – this is the most valuable thing I want to receive from the Indian village. Will it work?

Peace of mind. I wish it to you all and myself.

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