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My name is Renata Cieślak,
I’m delighted you’re here!

If you want to know how every day, simple life in the Indian village looks like, this place is for you!

Story of a Polish-Indian couple who decides to quit their corporate jobs, leave crowded Indian city life and move to not-so-complicated countryside lifestyle.

No problem in India is a blog about bi-cultural family living in the Indian village, about the pursuit for happiness and peaceful life far from the urban bustle, living in harmony with nature and… ourselves.

3 … 2 … 1 … off we go!

Why is it worth staying here a bit longer?

  • You are interested in nature based solutions using old fashioned skills your grandmas knew
  • You are into cooking from scratch a home made food
  • You are curious how Indian village life looks like
  • You want to bring a farm lifestyle to your city life
  • You want to start gardening and you don't know where to start
  • You are searching for inspiration to live life the way you want to do
  • You are into slow life and life in harmony with nature
  • You want first-hand information about India
  • You are planning a long-term stay in India
  • You are an expat living in India

    I believe this blog is for you! Whatever brings you here, you will find practical information on everyday life in India, ecology, sustainable development and slow life.

  • What can you find on noprobleminindia?

    No problem in India is a place for those who are eager to find a meaningful way of living, a harmony with yourself and nature, to lead an intentional slow life and… to watch how our bicultural family manages day-to-day challenges in the beautiful land of India.

    The purpose of the blog is to showcase how a city born folks like me can shift a paradigm of 9-5 work and fulfill the dreams of setting up a homestead. How to slow down and create a more wholesome lifestyle.

    If you’ve stumbled across No problem in India looking for advice on how to grow something in the garden, start and follow a permaculture farm design or simply – to check some practical information about expat life in India, you’re in the right place!

    The main topics on noprobleminindia:

    • farm life in India
    • setting up a homestead in the countryside
    • permaculture way of living
    • India’s everyday life hacks
    • expat motherhood
    • slow life, frugality and minimalism


    to live a more sustainable, self-reliant and harmonious life through back to the roots – nature-based skills to make life simple, healthy, happy and meaningful


    earth care

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