India step by step: basic tips and hints for happy and safe survival in India.

safe stay in India

Being a tourist, expat or resident in any host country doesn’t give us the right to be completely indifferent to our safety. Going anywhere, whether to a different city in Europe in Asia or any other continent, apart from enjoying the trip and having fun, one should always travel conscious and stay alert. That’s not reinventing the wheel. We shouldn’t give excuses that we do not know the local reality, we were not aware of something or just missed out few things. It does not matter whether you are going alone or in an organized guided tour. Eyes wide open and common sense is a must until you reach back your own bed. That’s the guarantee for safe stay in India… or somewhere else.

Just as India seems exotic to us, Indians also find us exotic too. The white skin tourist is easily accessible target for extra income for simple local Indian shopkeeper, rickshaw drivers or a minor pickpocketing thief. Extra precautions are advisable so paying special attention when traveling to India to…

  • Thefts

– yes, that may happen. The more precautions we take, the more peacefully we will travel. Small locks, padlocks, less money in your purse, cash divided into few places, additional purse – that should be in your mind. But do not panic, it’s not only in India 🙂 in every other place, in every other country, we find pickpocketing and other minor thieves too.

  • Prices

India is a country, which has “in its blood” deliberate price hike, rising them for foreigners even several times! so we can still have fun negotiating. Stay positive, get ready for these tricks, and face them with a smile.

  • Upselling

-> extra shopping while having a rikshaw ride – this “trick” can reach us by getting in the Indian tuk-tuks. Some rishaw drivers have concluded deals with the local shop owners to bring in tourists, and in return they’ll get commission after each purchase.

safe stay in India

safe stay in India

  • Traffic

the hierarchy is very simple in India – first: cow (or any other animal that just decided to cross the street), later by size: a bus, a truck, a car, a rickshaw, a cyclist and finally a pedestrian who has to cross the street very slow allowing constantly riding cars to avoid us=the obstacle.

  • Overpopulation and climate

the number of people per square meter is much too big. Adding to it sun, heat and pollution – it increases the risk of different diseases – bacteria and viruses spread very quickly. And our immunity is very often set on risk.

  • Air Conditioning

due to the fact that most of the time it is hot or very hot here, Indians use fans of different type for cooling devices: ceilings, hanging fans, standing or desk ones. If that’s not enough – they turn on air conditioning, which can freeze your blood – the temperature spikes inside the air conditioned room and outside are drastic, so getting a cold is not such a difficult task. It is therefore advisable to minimize the presence of air-conditioned rooms, additionally take with you the extra set of dresses.

  • Cheap hotels and hostels

They have 24-hour hotel service. That means that we have to check out at the same time that we checked in.

  • Native local guides

in bigger tourist destinations few men will approach you to talk about the tourist sites. Just keep in mind it’s not a free service 🙂 Whether we asked for it or not, whether we want it or not – they start their guiding immediately after meeting our eye sight. If we are not interested – I suggest to politely say thank. The most popular tourists spots are well described in the guides, so to avoid additional fees – let’s read about them by ourselves!

It may feel like India is little insane with its issues even when it sometimes comes to tourism but, in fact, like everything in India, they vary per region and your attitude. India is a constant dichotomy, keep this in mind, stay open, positive but – as in any other travel cases – also conscious and rational.

What would you add to this list? As this list is not over!